Supporting Parents

Welcome to New Spring Family Care. From the start we want you to feel involved in the assessment process.At the start of the placement, you will be fully involved in developing your placement plan with input from the New Spring Family Registered Manager and your allocated Social Worker. This placement plan will form the basis for the care package that will be  provided to you and your baby/ children whilst you are resident at New Spring.

The Registered Manager will then discuss the plan with the allocated Key Worker and it will form the basis of weekly meetings between you the parent and your Key Worker. You will receive a copy of the minutes from these meetings, we will also provide a copy to the allocated Social Worker  so that ongoing progress can be monitored.
Whilst living at New Spring, parents are initially observed undertaking basic care tasks for their baby. For example, staff will be recording whether parents can respond to baby’s cues to feed on either breast or bottle, sterilise bottles, change nappies, bath baby as well as providing emotional support and interaction. If any of these tasks can’t initially be undertaken by the parent, our supportive and fully trained staff will help and provide advice and guidance to ensure competence. CCTV is also used 24 hours a day, we recognise that this can be a daunting experience but the cameras are there to provide you with evidence that you are a responsive aren’t to your babies needs.
Our Key Workers and Support staff will work alongside parents in developing supported learning and practice. The 12 week placement will provide plenty of opportunity to reflect and learn from previous experiences. This support is gradually reduced to enable parents to demonstrate their commitment to care for their baby and home independently.

Staff will assist parents with practical support which will include but won’t be limited to cooking and preparing healthy balanced meals; cleaning their bedroom and taking responsibility for their own personal care, hygiene and grooming, all whilst taking care of and bonding with their baby. You will also have opportunity for 1:1 sessions with your key worker

Parents will be encouraged to build up a memory box containing photographs, cards and memorabilia from the birth of their child throughout their stay with us.

Many parents who reside with us have never before had to access Health services such as the Doctor, Dentist, Health Visitor etc. Whilst living with us, parents will be supported to make and attend their own appointments either in the surgery or at New Spring. Support will be provided to register the birth if required, and access to financial welfare agencies including child tax credits will be supported.

Some  parents who join us at New Spring may not have any budgetary management skills and their lack of planning and foresight can leave them with no financial resources between benefit payments. At New Spring, comprehensive budgetary management skills are promoted and if required, there will be the opportunity to undertake direct financial management work with their Key Worker.

Links exist with  the local College,  Children’s Centre and family-focused activity groups. If required, taster workshops with our partners will be arranged and facilitated by New Spring.

Parents will have the opportunity to use the local children centre or play groups. This will enable parents to experience community support and demonstrate their intention to use a similar service when their placement ends. In addition to this, referrals can be made to our partnering services.

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