About Us

About Us

New Spring  is an independent small business which responds to the needs of families who have experienced or will potentially experience difficulties providing safe parenting to their children. The centre will provide families with a structured, nurturing environment while maintaining a clear focus on the holistic assessment process and close monitoring of the safety and welfare of children and adults.

The service will be managed robustly by experienced and well qualified managers and staff,  Staff demonstrate a high level of competence in undertaking comprehensive assessment processes and in helping parents to improve their parenting skills. Assessment
reports for the courts will be completed to a high standard, providing sufficient evidence to inform future decision-making.

The day to day running and management of the centre will be in line with the National Minimum Standards and Regulations for Residential Family Centres,(2013), issued by the Secretary of State for Health under Section 23 of the Care Standards Act (2000). The New Spring residential family centre will provide a safe, caring, secure environment for parents or expectant parents who the referring Authority feel need additional support and assessment prior to reintegration into society.

The centre will provide accommodation for up to five families from the age of 16 (the parent), and their babies. Prior to any parent being accepted into New Spring, the Registered Manager will ensure that their admission will not negatively impact on any parents already residing at the centre.

We will uphold the mantra of the Every Child Matters (2004) which gives the universal ambitions of each child;

  • To be healthy
  • To be safe
  • To enjoy and achieve
  • To make a positive contribution
  • To achieve economic wellbeing.

We also uphold and abide by the values outlined within the National Minimum Standards for Residential Family Centres (2013) which are;

  • Each parent and child is valued as an individual and has his or her wishes and feelings listened to and taken into account.
  • Each parent has a fair assessment of their parenting skills and capacity, and is given individualised support, in line with their abilities, needs and background.
  • Each child feels protected and safe, and benefits from effective parenting.

There is a genuine partnership between all those involved in residential family centres to deliver the best outcomes for parents and their children, including the Government, local authorities, family courts and other statutory agencies.

Our service will focus on the provision of robust, fair and evidence-based assessments of parenting skills and capacity, based on the family’s individual needs, in a safe and comfortable setting. We will ensure that our service provides the basis for securing positive outcomes for our residents.

New Spring will develop further services according to need such as accommodating long term placements for families who require a more substantial period of monitoring, assessment and support. Outreach programmes to support the transition of families from residential care to their own home.



  • We will work in partnership with the Local Authority, foster agencies and families to protect children and prevent family breakdown.
  • We will operate pro-social modelling whereby staff present positive role models to reinforce positive parenting and sociable behaviour.
  • We are committed to ensuring quality for families and will evidence impact of our service.
  • We will regularly monitor and review our services, we welcome feedback to enable us to continuously develop and improve.


  • We believe that every individual should be treated with dignity and respect.
  • We believe that families can resolve difficulties together.
  • We believe that every individual should have the opportunities, support and encouragement to exercise control over their own lives, whilst acknowledging their responsibilities.
  • We believe that with our help, family units will become stronger and more resilient 


  • To provide placements for families, who are in difficulty
  • We aim to provide assessments which are independent, child centred and detailed according to good practice and childcare legislation.
  • We will work with families to instil hope by building on their existing and hidden strengths.

 Aims and objectives

  • To provide a residential Centre of the highest standard, with the protection of children being paramount.
  • To promote the welfare of the families in our care as a priority.
  • To tackle discrimination, promote independence and ensure equality of opportunity is achieved.
  • To provide a safe environment for families to grow stronger and more independent
  • We will work in partnership with families and statutory services to protect children and prevent family breakdown
  • To provide high quality staff to meet the diverse needs of the families.
  • To provide information and support to each individual.
  • To develop self-esteem and build resilience
  • Promote and encourage learning: life skills, parenting, and social skills.
  • To ensure that the families in our care will be given every opportunity through the progressive and continual encouraging of each individual to overcome any disadvantage they may have encountered.

Meet The Team

Julie Appleby

Julie Appleby

Care Manager

Julie has 30 years of experience working with children, young people and families. Julie comes from a strong health background qualifying as RGN in 1985 with extensive experience in women and children’s health as well as working in various respite and residential settings. Qualifying as a Registered Health Visitor in 2002, Julie gained experience of working in areas of high deprivation; she has great insight into problems facing many of our families including poverty, mental health, poor parenting and domestic abuse. Julie has worked for the local authority for the past ten years managing Surestart Children’s Centres. Julie holds the NPQICL and has a reputation for developing excellent services from inception to delivery with strongly evidenced outcomes. Julie has strong leadership skills and has led the delivery of fully integrated services within a multi agency team. Julie will be responsible for the day to day running and management of the centre which will be in line with the National Minimum Standards and Regulations for Residential Family Secretary of State for Health under Section 23 of the Care Standards.

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